One of the things I do every day is the download from MLB for new players, both new to the majors and to the minors.

This guy showed up as new this morning:

639238,2013,”Arredondo, Edgar”,”Arredondo”,”Edgar”,””,”Edgar”,””,569,”TIG”,11,”OOC”,”1″,”47″,””,”R”,”R”,75,192,1997/04/16,”Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico”,””,”-“,”-“,””,”-“,”-“,”-”

Without going through all the codes, this Edgar Arredondo has joined the Tigres of the Mexican League, who used to be in Mexico City years ago but have re-established themselves in Cancun (state of Quintana Roo) on the Yucatan coast. The big deal is the birthdate: 4/16/1997. If that’s accurate, it makes him easily the first 1997 player in my database.

And he was the Tigre’s starting pitcher of the night, going two scoreless innings (one hit, one walk). And I do find articles from last year with him pitching in the 15-under world championships, so yes, I’d say this guy’s legit.


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