One of the things I do every day is the download from MLB for new players, both new to the majors and to the minors.

This guy showed up as new this morning:

639238,2013,”Arredondo, Edgar”,”Arredondo”,”Edgar”,””,”Edgar”,””,569,”TIG”,11,”OOC”,”1″,”47″,””,”R”,”R”,75,192,1997/04/16,”Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico”,””,”-“,”-“,””,”-“,”-“,”-”

Without going through all the codes, this Edgar Arredondo has joined the Tigres of the Mexican League, who used to be in Mexico City years ago but have re-established themselves in Cancun (state of Quintana Roo) on the Yucatan coast. The big deal is the birthdate: 4/16/1997. If that’s accurate, it makes him easily the first 1997 player in my database.

And he was the Tigre’s starting pitcher of the night, going two scoreless innings (one hit, one walk). And I do find articles from last year with him pitching in the 15-under world championships, so yes, I’d say this guy’s legit.


5 Responses to Thats a first

  1. Joaquin says:

    Will you be adding DTs for seasons prior to 1954? I’ve only just recently discovered the site — after looking for DTs at BP and not finding them… — so if it would otherwise be obvious to me that you’re gradually working your way back through time, my apologies for bringing it up again.

    • clayd says:

      Yes. I should have a first installment out by the end of the coming weekend…although I should warn you that this will be a very long-term project.

  2. Andrew Winters says:

    Hi Clay, I love the site and appreciate all your hard work. One question I am curious about is with regard to your updated projections. They still project for a 162 game rate. Are they rest of the year projection added to the stats from the games already played? Or are they rest of year projections normalized for a 162 game rate?

    In other words, if you project Adam Jones for 25 HR, and he has hit 4 already, and we have played 90% of the season so far(all numbers made up) — are you projecting 21 for the rest of the year (25 minus 4) or 22.5 for the rest of the season (25 times 90%).

    Thanks again and I hope your surgery was a great success.

    • clayd says:

      The short answer is that the ‘redo’ on the projections was only done to account for injuries and changes to expected playing times that have already occurred – I haven’t done anything yet to change the player’s projection based on any 2013 performances. So at the moment, it would definitely be more the rate stat that is being projected, so your second scenario is the correct one.
      I’m pretty sure that monster spreadhseet I run these with has some switch that needs to be thrown to get them to apply that ‘90%” or whatever multiplier automatically, I’ll try to get that straightened out – and clarified – when I run my next update, which probably will start using 2013 data.

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