As so often happens, the rollout didn’t go quite as expected.

Spring data didn’t actually start loading until Monday, but should be on all player cards now. (Just the 2013 spring data).

The pitchers forecast pages were supposed to become analogous to the hitter pages – primarily through the addition of their top 20 comps. But it looks like that change didn’t make it all the way through the list – it seems to cut off somewhere between CC Sabathia and Jeff Samardzija. And there seem to be some odd problems – Trevor Bauer’s comp list has reasonable personnel but strange numbers, which I think might relate to having less than three years of work; I think innings are getting divided by 3, but runs are only getting divided by 2.

But in Miguel Gonzalez’s case, I find it very hard to believe that comp list belongs with that starting line – as though two jobs were running at once, and the other guys comp list made it in. Let me dig into those issues.

Update – Bauer problem solved, and yes, the less than three years bit had a lot to do with it.




2 Responses to Working on various bits and pieces

  1. Joaquin says:

    Thanks a bunch for the resource.

    A) Is there any hope of expanding DTs to include more non-Major League seasons? Would dearly love to see how the likes of Buzz Arlett stack up (or, jeez, Sadaharu Oh), though I realize there may be some problems with the lack of walk and strikeout data.

    B) Would it be possible to release a DT equivalent of the Lahman Database? It would basically be the holy grail for those obsessed with cross-era comparisons.

  2. Joaquin says:

    Perhaps I’ll have better luck with this:

    Can we at least expect to get DTs for pre-1954 seasons any time soon?

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