My spare time isn’t what it used to be…NOAA keeps me busy. But I finally do have the new MLB pbp files parsed enough to run all the split data I need. So all of the player, league, and team should be back to having those breakdowns. Not a fan of MLB’s chosen format, although to be fair I am not using their chosen tools for reading it out. It is really, really non-linear; I think my code has to make 5 separate passes through a game to get everything it needs and arranged in a game order.

Cool graph today is the playoff picture of the AL East:

The Rays (green) remain steady at the top. The Yankee (black) line surges through their August winning streak, but has been collapsing since. The Blue Jays track (blue) over the last month is a mirror image of the Yankees, with the Red Sox (red) line running right between both of them. There is a little better than a 4-in-5 chance that both AL wild cards come from the East…two out of three teams that right now are basically even.

Also in playoff odds…the Giants this morning became the first team to make the playoffs in all 1 million runs, giving them a 100% score. The Dodgers fell just short; their 99.99995 means they finished playoff tie in 1 out of a million runs, and made the playoffs in the other 999,999 runs.


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