As my title indicates, this a place for me to keep some statistics I happen to care about. These are statistics that I’ve run at Baseball Prospectus for many years, but BP has decided to discontinue them – or at least transform into something I no longer recognize.

Baseball Prospectus was originally founded on the premise that, since no one was publishing the baseball book we wanted to read, we would print one ourselves. In that same spirit, since BP is not publishing the stats I want to see, the way I want to see them, I’ll put them up myself.

This will be an extended work in progress.  There are any number of features to add, which are not yet there. Of most immediate interest, I suppose, would be:

EqA reports: EqA, EqR, VORP, WARP for all seasons from 1871-2011, updated daily (~noonish). Also the main access point to the player cards until I get the search php written.

Minor League DTs By League:The drop-down menus will allow you to change between hitters and pitchers, between real/translated/peak DTs, and between leagues, as well as offering a few splits on the data.

Minor League DTs By Organization;Same as above, but organized by major league team, with all of their minor league teams on the same page.

Adjusted Standings

Playoff odds, in regular, projection-based, and ELO flavors.

Clay Davenport


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