Catching up on the Dozier and Lowrie signings that got lost in the list of “arbitration avoided” news Friday and Saturday. Dozier should be a big help to Washington, strengthening a basically vacant position while freeing Kendrick up to provide some depth (which is still lacking there.) As far as Lowrie to the Mets – I’m having trouble fitting him in around Cano and Frazier. I tried to work him in at first, but I had to delay Alonso a bit to do it. Forced McNeil into the outfield more, mostly at the expense of Lagares and Rajai Davis (who, as an NRI, should have to stand in line behind players actually on the roster – but he always seems to find a way in).

I also did a quickie add-in of Machado to the White Sox and Harper to the Phillies, chasing latest rumors. Neither one would be pushing aside truly replacement-level players, so you won’t get the full value of their WARP. Machado pushes the White Sox up to a still very third-place 75 wins, three more than otherwise – worked out the same whether I displaced Anderson at SS or Sanchez at 3rd.

For Harper, I had him replace Nick Williams in left, and that pushed the Phils from 85 to 89 wins. It also dropped the other NL East teams by about a half-win apiece, a not-insignificant change in a crowded field.



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